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"Of course [R37] and [R38] are bigger authorities on Jake's dick size than those posters who have actually seen it! He has a very big cock, as though of us who saw it in the flesh in 3C can testify, You, on the other hand, are only judging from a poorly lit screen cap of him in swim trunks just after getting out of a pool."Plus they fail to account for lighting or for the natural shrinkage that occurs when someone has been swimming in cold water. You know-it-all bitch.t Anyone who thinks Jake's dong in 3C might have been a prosthetic needs to see an eye doctor, stat.Just because you’re comfortable with delusion doesn’t me that we all are. Ignoredar reveals him to be a poster of wit and intelligence in other matters, but on this, he's Party Pooper of the Week. As usual it's a bunch of geriatrics fawning over some young guy. That is not a big cock, and it certainly isn't pendulous or a fucking dong.Honestly do you actually get out and fuck, has your penis shriveled that much you don't know what big is any more.Did you know that in the movie Let Me Make You A Martyr he shot scenes that were deleted because his cock was so big? The last time he was there was for the assembled parties.He was shot drinking and spitting watter inside the car, that was the excuse so Lamen (his character) would stop the car in some abandoned planice and would take a leak. He has done nothing big lately to put it on air, unless it is to talk about atwt 8 years later.

This is definitely a better TV episode but as a play it doesn’t have …R267 dude, dong is mostly used to refer someone with a big dick. I would LMAO if someone with a small cock said he has a dong or he would put his dong inside any cavity.

David Burtka did, indeed, display a humongous dick in THE PLAY ABOUT THE BABY.

Anybody who says otherwise is blind or jealous or both.

R157 so, i asked this user for some proof that the big cock indeed belongs to Jake and he showed me some photos and screen captures.

There is no doubt this mighty cock belongs to Jake, but i said if he could upload at least one photo so we all can become believers and he just uploaded one.enjoy! i can´t believe i almost forgot everything about Jake, but watching him wanking on cam, it made me realize how much i loved him in atwt and now i´m missing my Noah.i hope he´s still doing some acting.

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I'm sure it's better quality and up-close than those terrible bootlegs.

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