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In the same month, the site was subjected to a severe DDo S attack, which briefly put it offline.You might think that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is all there is to social media – but you would be wrong!The Russian-speaking world has for years now been taken over by VKontakte, a social media site combining the functionalities of Facebook, Spotify and Youtube.It is the most visited website in Russia and Ukraine and the sixth most popular site in the world.Expect a flood of motivational quotes and an avalanche of cosy, season-appropriate pictures the minute you start making VKontakte friends!On top of being Russia’s Facebook, Youtube and Spotify, VKontakte sometimes serves as Russia’s Tinder., meaning In Contact) is a Russian online social media and social networking service based in Saint Petersburg.VK is available in numerous languages but it is especially used by Russian-speakers.

The website was sued a few times for copyright infringement, but each time the judge ruled that the platform cannot be held responsible for the actions of its users.

Notable examples include the international celebrities like Tiësto, In 2008, the leading Russian television channel RTR sued VKontakte (then VK) over unlicensed copies of two of its films which had been uploaded by VK users.

In 2010, this dispute was settled by the Russian Supreme Arbitration Court in favour of the social network.

Even though the colour scheme of the two sites is very similar, VKontakte does in fact offer functions Facebook does not.

The most visible one of them is the importance of audio and video files on the platform.

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Pavel Durov claimed that the transaction was the result of legal pressure on his company that increased after VKontakte refused to remove the group of Aleksey Navalny, a social and political activist opposed to the Putin regime, from the page.

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