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Also, if you can only see 32-bit VM options when setting up a new VM, read this helpful article here.You’ll also need to plug your Jetson TX1 into your host computer via the aforementioned USB cable.Then you need to install the Virtual Box Extension Pack which is also available here.Once you have those installed, setup a 64-bit Ubuntu VM with at least 30GB of virtual storage (the Jetpack packages can be quite large unpacked). Instructions on how to do all this can be found here.Accept the popup to execute the installer, the rest will run as you had seen it in the past. There was no problem, neither with my Mint-guests nor with my XP-guests. If the update is complete, you will read in the terminal, that you have to reboot the guest. BTW: If you still have the fear, that there might brake anything by the guest additions update - this obviously does changes to the guest - than you can create a snapshot for the guest before you launch it. Having different versions of VB and the extension pack is a usual cause for problems. Regarding the guest additions: It is advisable to update the guest additions also, but if you do not, the VM will not break (but there could be regressions because of the incompatibility).

Upon excitedly turning it on and getting into the Ubuntu desktop, I was prompted to update Ubuntu to the latest version (as it was running 14.0.4) and clicked okay.With the USB plugged in, put your Jetson TX1 into Recovery Mode by following these instructions here (they’re also in your Quick Start guide).Finally, you need to setup the USB passthrough in Virtual Box. Go to the USB screen and hit the USB icon with a green plus next to the USB Device Filters list.The first time you open the VB Manager after the update you get a popup message, that the extension pack is not up-do-date and you get offered, to download and install it directly. (This does only apply for the Oracle version, not a repository version.) Accept it.

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But if all works well in your current version, I'd simply disable the "new version" notification in the preferences and stick to what you've got.

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