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Validation rules can change cells font, style, size or border. For example, rules may highlight negative figures by printing them in red.Rules may also highlight maximum or minimum values, color values by their rank or catch duplicate entries.Figure 1: Data Validation Menu Option In order to illustrate the different types of data validation options.We’ll use the following data entry form: Figure 2: Sample Form The data validation types shown in this post are: Now users will be not allowed to type anything but whole numbers in B8.As we know, the Data Validation can limit values entered, but have you ever tried to limit the calculated results by using Data Validation function?

For example, let’s say we have a column in our sheet where unique US state names need to be entered.If a value that is not in the list is typed then an error dialog is displayed as shown in figure 12 below.Figure 12: Error Alert (List) There are several cool things that can be done with lists in Excel, for example, creating expandable lists, or dependent lists. If you want to restrict the length of a text entry you can do it as well.For more complex validation rules, write formulas into spreadsheet cells and supply the formula to the conditional formatting tool.Enter the validation rule using the "Edit the Rule Description" boxes. He has a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Boston University and has written for the American Civil Liberties Union, the marketing firm In Segment and the project management service Assembla.

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Find all cells with/having data validation in Excel Find cells with/having the same data validation in Excel Also, you can find cells which having the same type data validation in Excel with the Select & Find function. Select a cell with the data validation you want to find in other cells.

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