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The number of complete copies of the torrent contents there are distributed in the part of the swarm you're connected to.The amount of the torrent contents you currently have is included in the availability count.A LAN IP address is not visible to users outside of the LAN.As described by RFC 1918, the following ranges are designated as reserved IP addresses for private LANs: A person who downloads, but fails to reciprocate the generosity of others by not sharing back.It should be used only if you are the sole seeder on the swarm, and if there are at least 2 peers connected.Generally, initial seeding should not be used by people with high upload speeds.This word describes the state of a Bit Torrent connection.When a connection is choked, it means the person who is supposed to be doing the uploading on the connection does not want to send anything.

This mode is not used during normal operating modes because of the large amount of overhead it potentially generates in sending requests to all peers.A change in the piece requesting strategy that occurs when a download is near completion during which the client requests pieces from all connected peers rather than requesting a piece from one peer at a time in the normal operating mode.Endgame mode is used because download rates often slow down considerably as a torrent job nears completion due to the tendency for the remaining pieces to be downloaded from peers with saturated connections.With initial seeding, the initial seed attempts to get the rarest pieces out instead of uploading identical pieces repeatedly, often lowering the initial upload requirement to 105%.Initial seeding does not necessarily improve upload speeds or decrease seeding time.

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A method of seeding that attempts to decrease the bandwidth load for the initial seeder.

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