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These specific capacitors do not age well, and it’s generally agreed that ‘recapping’ is an essential requirement if you want to keep a tube unit reliable and safe.

I sold it to a customer back in 2005 and he has since purchased a new NBS preamplifier so he asked me to list this one for sale on my website.Some people believe that 'reforming' capacitors will provide safe operation, but I would rather use new capacitors even though that is a much more expensive and labor intensive route.Interesting enough, most the other components (tubes, transformers, wiring, most resistors, coils, etc.) do not generally fail with age.All of the other functions have been restored back as close as possible to the otiginal design.The ‘restoration’ of these (and any other 40 year old tube radio, tuner amp, etc.) per the experts includes replacing the electrolytic and signal coupling capacitors .

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He actually dropped it off months ago and since then I have been using it in my main system after cleaning the controls, switches and testing all tubes.

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