Updating an old headboard and footboard how to dress to be intimidating

Regular latex paint won’t bond to a shiny surface, so the black paint just scratched off.There was nothing I could do but scrape and sand the bed down to the original wood.Replacing may be easier than trying to find a frame that will work, especially if your bed is custom-made.Most bed frames include brackets to attach a headboard, so if your headboard is the same size and attachment type as the frame, you can just attach the two together.Here are a few different types: Bed rails are often made of metal, but can also be wood.You’ll find wood rails especially in older beds, and some manufacturers use plastic or other materials as well.Metal tends to be more durable and provide better support than other materials that bend and break more easily over time.If the slats break on your antique wood bed, you can you use bed rails to bring it back to life.

I chose to use Ben Moore Advance because it’s a latex paint (easy soap and water clean up), but it hardens as well as an enamel.Are you not getting the right support, but you're not sure why? Unlike a regular bed frame or platform bed, which can independently support your mattress and box spring, bed rails won’t support you without being attached to side panels, or a headboard and footboard.They can be individual rails, used to replace existing support slats, or can come as several pieces that connect to form a framework so that a headboard and footboard can be attached.Both the 2×2’s and the metal brackets will sit on the inside of the 2×6’s.Then we screwed the 2×6’s on to that using lag bolts, washers, and nuts. Then I just busted out a dry cleaning brush and knocked off as much of the dust as I could, being careful not to remove the patina.

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