Updating an old concrete carport

Money-Saver: "Cleaning up your yard—mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, sweeping the steps—hugely boost curb appeal and doesn't cost a thing." —Jill Simmons, Zillow Landscaping: Darci and Matt saved all their mature trees but swapped everything else in favor of tidy boxwoods mixed with rose and hydrangea bushes for a lush look that doesn't overwhelm the walkway.Landscape lighting and a new gravel path make it easy to get around, even at night.A drab exterior can make you cringe every time you approach the front door, while a handsome, thoughtfully designed one can turn the experience into a true pleasure.The good news is that you don't have to spend a bundle to enjoy a happy trip up your walkway.Measure each side or wall of the porch to find the midpoint.Snap a chalkline from each midpoint to the midpoint of the opposite wall.

We could’ve bought cheaper boards for the rest of the project too – like basic whitewood – but I like working with pine because it’s noticeably smoother and straighter than the cheapest stuff.

Lay your level across the surface of the porch and look for high or low spots.

Sand or plane high spots on wood porches and grind high spots or clumps of cement on a concrete porch.

The point where these two lines cross represents the center of the porch and where you should begin installing tile.

Use your carpenter's square to ensure the lines are perpendicular and adjust as necessary before proceeding.

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Place tiles into the mortar bed and tap them gently in place using a rubber mallet.

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