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Have a look at the following example, which will show the control in action. This simple example will just show you how easy it is to use the Update Progress control.

Once the button is clicked, the script sleeps for 5 seconds (don't use code like that in your real projects - it's for demonstrational purposes only!

With fast servers and fast methods, this is not a big problem, but whenever you have a method which takes up a bit of time, the user is very likely to get impatient. NET AJAX solves this problem for us as well, with a nice control called Update Progress.

It will use your own template to show that an asynchronus method is working.

Accordion Always Visible Control Animation Auto Complete Calendar Cascading Drop Down Collapsible Panel Confirm Button Drag Panel Drop Down Drop Shadow Dynamic Populate Filtered Text Box Hover Menu List Search Masked Edit Modal Popup Mutually Exclusive Check Box No Bot Numeric Up Down Paging Bulleted List Password Strength Popup Control Rating Reorder List Resizable Control Rounded Corners Slider Slide Show Tabs Text Box Watermark Toggle Button Update Panel Animation Validator Callout Release Notes Setup your environment Using a sample extender Creating a new extender Extender base class features Using Animations Animation Reference Automated Testing Cascading Drop Down with a Database Other neat stuff animation plays when every partial postback completes).

The animations to be played are declaratively specified using XML.

If some of your postbacks are fast, the Update Progress will only be shown for a very short amount of time, resulting in a blinking behavior, which may confuse your users.

An Update Panel will be refreshed if the user clicks the specific control in the page and the control is the trigger that raises the async postback. NET rather than the concept in HTML since the server side konws ASP. They are Butto A Link Button on server side generates an anchor tag on the page.

The straightest thought of raising an async postback is to simulate a button's clicking. The way to submit the form when click the anchor is to execute the Java Script method "__do Post Back".

For that reason, you may specify a minimum amount of time to occur before showing the progress control. Specify a number of milliseconds to elapse before showing the progress control, e.g.

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