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same job, different world: "man , you'd think she would cut you some slack when you got this new job- I mean, how can she expect you be ring soal by day and perfect husband who knows coordinating colors by nigh--" ***beep! ) the jury is out on anything else regarding old Ring Soul. I swear there were times I could almost, almost see a face in that fiery stuff - but it usually was a reflection of whatever was behind him in the scene. Perhaps he looks completely different when he's actually being himself, with a different name and everything. His wife could be Blonde Spirit Face and his kids could be Red Spirit Face and Brunet Spirit Face and their dog could be Spotted Spirit Face.*runs away laughing* WOW- I didnt know it came up months ago and there was a committie!!? "(other guy: "I have too, boss says I need to bee seen more around here"Ring Soal: All right- see ya then". teehee, why couldn't he be "spirit" head alla time?Either the "Ring Soul" is a joke by the writers, or hes part of some group that just helps people out that needs help. *Karins "destiny" is to go back and give birth to yuri, whos destiny is... Kato says "Its good it ended this way" and it seems he might just of done the whole destroy the world to get Yuri to go back to, what?It should be noted that in SHC Yuris "Destiny" is thrown around alot, so maybe it was pre-determined? Did Yuri fullfil his destiny, or is it something he has yet to do...? Anyways, Ring Soul has to be back in SH3, With a "Take your daughter to work day" thrown in!Anyways- Why cant the ring soal just be an apperition of some sort- and a regular guy in another universe giving it the voice?

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Yuri and his companions must journey to find a cure for his curse and defeat the malevolent cult.

The American version was re-released in Japan in budget form on March 10, 2005.

As a game reviewer, no trend is more depressing than the glut of uninspired sequels that fill the shelves.

It's the rare release today that doesn't boast a "2" or "III" in the title.

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Nocturne hadded two extra dungeons and extra sub events.

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