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Please read all of the following which contains basic membership requirements. Our goal is to make new friends and meet other singles who like interacting with the opposite sex.

We have a great group of men and women and we want those who will put forth a little effort to be members.

The collection at ONE Archives includes original diaries and unpublished poetry by Flanagan dating back to the late 1970s; performance ephemera and documentation, including photographs and video; VHS masters of video works by Flanagan; an extensive body of photographs and slides by Rose documenting Los Angeles’ BDSM and queer communities; and the Bobaloon, a twenty foot tall inflatable depiction of Flanagan complete with pierced penis, ball gag, and straitjacket.

However, if this is not done two days in advance of a house party, you will be charged the same amount as if you had intended.

This money goes to the host, therefore last minute cancellations will affect the host/hostess monetarily.

After that they must join SOS in order to keep attending events.

We encourage you to offer suggestions to make SOS a better experience.

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