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151 As I travel across the country speaking and talking with women, I hear a scenario described often. Because he is a follower of Christ, she doesn’t even consider he might be engaged in a secret war against impurity. Then, after a sermon or men’s retreat, he confesses one of his many encounters with pornography. Eventually, yearning for more than her novels can deliver, she ends up addicted to pornography or in a secret emotional affair. When she enters a room where he is watching television, he quickly flips the channel. For instance, she starts off reading steamy romance novels in order to get an emotional high without the pain of confronting issues with her husband.Robin Weidner is the author of Secure in Heart — Overcoming Insecurity in a Woman’s Life (This popular book has launched Robin into a new world of outreach to women, including speaking at Secure in Heart women’s events across the country and appearing on local and national Christian radio and television shows. Talking about your boundaries with your partner is a great way to make sure that each person’s needs are being met and you feel safe in your relationship.

You and your partner should know what is too far in all aspects of your relationship so that both of you feel safe.

But what if you’ve already taken some blows in the arena of impurity?

Can you restore God’s legacy of pure intimacy in marriage?

We shouldn’t be surprised then that Satan’s very first attack on Adam and Eve came in the form of an all-out assault on the only boundary God had set.

Often Satan seeks to desensitize us to the harmfulness of impurity by taking us there one small boundary break at a time.

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