Routing information protocol updating algorithm

A router expects to receive an update message from each of its neighbors within 180 seconds.

The reason for choosing a value greater than 30 seconds is that RIP uses UDP, unreliable protocol.

It works in an autonomous system which is loosely defined as a set of routers or networks technically demonstrated by a single organization.

OSPF protocol uses link-state routing approach we discussed previously.

Today, we discuss two applications of routing algorithms in real Internet and routing protocols: The Routing Information Protocol, RIP and Open Shortest Path First, OSPF. RIP protocol is based on a program called routed, which is distributed in BSD UNIX.

An area router is a router that has its links connected to more than one area.

A backbone router is a router that has its links connected to the backbone.

In this course, we deal with the general issues regarding packet switching networks. One perspective involves external view of the network, and is concerned with services that the network provides to the transport layer that operates above it at the end systems.

The second perspective is concerned with the internal operation of a network, including approaches directing information across the network, addressing and routing procedures, as well as congestion control inside the network.

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Unlike IP where each router only learns from its neighbors about distance to each neighbor.

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