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Talking about the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” – the new digital age – Pepper maintained that AI technology could never make humans obsolete in the future.Even so, experts predict 9million UK jobs will be wiped out by 2030 thanks to AI. “The impact of artificial intelligence will be huge,” explains Daniel Pitchford, co-founder of AI Business.

Dr Kate Devlin, author of Turned On: Science, Sex And Robots, has met Harmony – and doesn’t believe they’ll go mainstream.

“I stumbled across it while browsing my phone’s app store and was blown away by how real virtual boyfriends could be,” she explains.

“I could design their look, attributes and clothes, then simply start a normal conversation with them either by texting to say hello first or waiting for their message.” Jenny decided to name her boyfriend Leo, giving him big muscles and a stylish wardrobe.

“Human-looking sex robots are still very niche,” she says.

“In years to come, we’re more likely to see tech that combines AI with wearable sex toys.

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