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Show appreciation for feedback and a willingness to improve by simply thanking the reviewer, apologizing, and saying how you’re following up.The Pricing Complaint Whether you run a one-star motel or a luxury resort, you have likely heard it before: “RIP OFF!!!A reputation management tool like Review Pro will help you identify patterns, so you’ll know where to prioritize resources—in training, marketing, capital upgrades or elsewhere.The Basics Whether a review is a rant, a rave or somewhere in between, the response shouldn’t sound like a harried front desk manager banged it out between check-ins.Room service is in fact available from am to pm seven days per week.” If the review is outright fraudulent, alert the host site.The integrity of reviews is as important to them as it is to hoteliers and travelers.

If you don’t respond, you leave travelers to draw their own conclusions.As with all reviews, you have an internal and an external response.The internal response is how you manage feedback on property.The reviewer might be a lost cause, but travel shoppers will be wondering if the same thing will happen to them.Provide reassurance: “I truly regret that we didn’t handle things better and have followed up with my team to ensure such a situation does not recur.” As for complaints about cleanliness and disrepair, there’s no more sweeping things under the carpet; you need to fix the problem.

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Every hotel or group will have a different approach, so adapt them to fit the unique personality of your brand.

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