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And also you can load xml document into Xml Document and XPath to update xml files here is an example: "); //Create a new node and add it to the document.

//The text node is the content of the price element. Create Element("marker"); Xml Attribute attr1 = doc.

Name "\n"); Xml Document doc Sub = new Xml Document(); doc Sub. The XML is basically parsed into an Xml Node which is the root element and then you can access the child elements using the Child Nodes property. However, the Xml Node class gives you access to a lot of other information as well, for instance the name of the tag, the attributes, the inner text and the XML itself. and please don't write a name of solution such as "Ling to xml"...acutally, i do many testes, but failed. is it possible such as this function bool Delete Song By Artist(string s Artist); bool Change Node In Song(string s Artist, string s Node Name, string value); because the "Reading solution is "Xml Ducoment", so it is better if "changing solution" by using "Xml Document" but, if you have better idea to read and change the xml file, please give me the sample code...

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