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Manufactured to exacting standards and packaged for convenience, you'll find a Fisher Chemical buffer to meet virtually every laboratory or field application.

Unsurpassed Accuracy, Exceptional Lot-to-Lot Performance The Fisher Chemical brand has a wide selection of inorganic salts that can be utilized in a number of diverse applications.

These inorganic salts are offered in various purity grades to meet both your research and manufacturing process needs.

Inorganic salts come in a variety of forms, which include powder, crystals, granules, pellets and lumps.

You may not think you could have many grades for a compound as simple as water, but in the Fisher Chemical product lines, the types and grades of water available have increased significantly throughout the years.

Water that has been processed to remove impurities is used in every laboratory.

Laboratory and Technical Chemicals of reasonable quality and purity for use in procedures where no official standards are required.

No matter the application, Fisher Chemical will provide you with the quality you desire, the purity that you require, and the certainty that you deserve.

Beyond use dates are different from expiration dates.

Browse Our Most Popular Salts Multicompendia (USP/NF/FCC/EP/BP/JP) Reagent chemicals that meet or surpass specifications of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), the National Formulary (NF), the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), the European Pharmacopeia (EP), the British Pharmacopeia (BP), and/or the Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP).

Certified ACS Reagent chemicals that meet or exceed the latest ACS specifications. Certified Reagent chemicals for which the purity standard is established by Fisher Scientific.

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