Performance analysis derivative based updating method

The dynamic response of models indicates that there is still a large gap between model results and actual situations.This strongly affects the reliability of finite element analysis.Among them, honeycomb sandwich panels are widely used.They provide the advantages of high specific stiffness and specific strength and good heat insulation, vibration isolation, and impact resistance [3–7].In recent years, according to the method of resolving problems, a model updating method based on response surface analysis has been developed.This method transforms a finite element model updating problem from an inverse problem to a direct problem.

However, ground tests do not fully simulate the various environments and states of a satellite during launch and on-orbit operation.The basic excitation vibration test of the satellite sailboard is used to perform model matching and a correlation test.Appropriate design variables are selected through sensitivity analysis.In particular, when a spacecraft launches and reenters the atmosphere at high speeds, the resulting random high-frequency vibrations and noise vibrations within the fairing can produce a mean square response acceleration of up to 50 g for the satellite structure.Therefore, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive dynamic analysis before launch to obtain accurate response prediction results for flight safety and good operation [10–12].

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The dynamic parameters (modal matrix, coupling coefficient matrix, etc.,) of the sailboard assembly of satellites provide a solid foundation for the precise control of the on-orbit attitude of satellites, as it is an extended large flexible accessory.

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