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You wouldn’t go, ‘I don’t think the Little Tramp would do that, Charlie,'” Rust says, stressing, “It’s definitely nice to have the person who created the character and the universe there guiding things along.”Did Reubens provide Rust with a list of rules for Pee-wee Herman and his universe? “There are guidelines that he upholds, but it’s less about rules and more about instincts and what feels right and what doesn’t feel right,” Rust reports, pointing out, “We didn’t have to uphold some sort of Respecting the wishes of Reubens and Rust, all you need to know is that the cast includes Joe Manganiello, and Pee-wee is inspired to leave the familiar surroundings of his small town to go on a holiday, and he encounters all kinds of crazy characters and situations along the way.“We were concerned many times, particularly when we were looking at the initial version of the script, that it almost has no plot—it has no villain. They decided they weren’t and stuck with their plan to make a movie with very little agenda that simply rambles along.I think we were a few times kind of going, ‘Is this going to be okay? “I learned so much from Paul as a writer about plot,” Rust says, “and one of the things that I remember and now reference in my own writing is Paul once said, ‘You don’t want to be on page 50 and have somebody reference something where they go, ‘Oh yeah, what was that?It also just makes writing really fun, getting together and giggling, basically.”Neither Reubens nor Rust is a morning person when it comes to writing, by the way. “Paul was very kind and would often offer to cook, so a lot of times I would go over to Paul’s house, he’d make a great meal, we’d sit there, we’d eat it, we’d sort of warm up, and then maybe two or three hours later, we would start writing and just work from there.”When they weren’t in the same room, they would write together via Skype for hours at a time.“I don’t know what the real figure is, but I would say ninety, ninety-five percent of the movie we wrote together.Instead, they tend to create long setups for quirky gags that might only take a second or two to reveal and aren’t gut busting moments.“If you like the movie, I think you watch it with a smile on your face,” Reubens says, “and I think it can make you happy, but I don’t think there is a gigantic, I laughed so hard my face hurt, my stomach hurt moment, and I really like that about it.”.But for the most part we wrote everything together, which is a really fun, great way to do it.”While the two men wrote the film together, Rust says he did view Reubens as “the captain of the ship” and trusted his instincts.“A lot of times, it was about listening to Paul and getting to hear his great ideas and figuring out a way that the two of us could execute them.

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Here, the two Pauls discuss the benefits of having a writing partner, the ins and outs of their collaboration and building a movie out of a series of jokes and gags., and though he created the character, he likes having someone to work with.“Here’s the thing, particularly in comedy, which is mostly what I have written, it’s just lonely to do it by yourself in my opinion,” Reubens says. “It’s such a lonely, sad process, and yeah, it just makes sense for comedy.

“I think Paul has written a lot of stuff by himself—I could be wrong. It’s an exchange of ideas between two people, and if you feel something’s funny, and the other person laughs, it confirms it.

But both men would happily dive into writing another film together.

“I’m crossing my fingers, hoping the phone is going to ring, and Netflix is going to be like, ‘Hey, how many more movies can you guys come up with?

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