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It was vital Otzi remain frozen to avoid an irreversible decomposition and remain intact to preserve his historical significance.The measurement of carbon 14 decay provides an indication of the age of any carbon-based material.Otzi was found on september, 19 1990 on the border of Austria and Italy. You might be thinking how did Otzi die, well there are lots of different theories on how Otzi died I am going to tell you how I think Otzi the iceman died. I think that Otzi died because someone might have killed him .I think that he died because someone killed him because Otzi was found with many wounds and scientists even say that Otzi was only 40 years old when he died and that is a really young age for a person to die.Whenever possible multiple samples should be collected and dated from associated sections.Such an incredibly valuable find soon led to a jurisdictional argument between the Austrian and Italian governments and an immediate border survey was done, finding Otzi had been lying ninety-two meters inside of Italian territory.In , Libby was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this work.

The dating method is based on the fact that carbon is found in various forms, including the main stable isotope carbon 12 and an unstable isotope carbon Secondly, the gully lay perpendicular to the main ice flow, allowing the grinding action of the glacier to pass overtop.

Wiele z tych kobiet to zdesperowane samotne mamuśki i zdradzające żony pragnące nieco zabawy. Czy zgadzasz się zachować tożsamość tych kobiet w tajemnicy?

Otzi was a man the lived during the copper age and he died 5,300 years ago.

The locations and digested states of different pollens in different sections of the stomach and intestines showed Otzi had made a climb from the valley floor to the top of the pass where he died within a twenty-four hour period. A depression in the skull was thought to be caused by the weight of ice compression and analysis of the only remaining fingernail found that the Beau-Reil Lines , which are like rings on a tree trunk, showed significant stress to his immune system in three periods -- 16, 13, and 8 weeks before death.

Thirdly, exposure to air and sunlight was only a brief period before being found by the hikers.

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