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Maybe we might find the time and see, That opportunity knocks and fate may be, For us to have a moment in time, Over a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

When I first wrote this, I had only been in the Internet dating scene for about six months and I developed some theories about what ” nice girls like you are doing in a place like this”.

There are women who upload almost ever picture they can and they generally have good reason to be so prolific.

They obviously just spent a ton of money and had a photo shoot at the beach, in the forest, various chairs and sofas in her house and occasionally one choreographed by her beautifully manicured bed or faithful dog.

This leads to my : These women think we men have never seen a flower or understand the significance of a sunset at the beach so they use the “Me Jane, You Tarzan” approach and show a picture with a caption reading “Beach in Cabo–you get it?

” I really do not take offense to this approach but while you are showing me this picture could you also provide one with you in bikini; preferably a thong bikini, so I can mentally capture the full essence of the moment.

Since not all women fall into the body type that would work well with my imagination, I can see why some chose flowers, dogs and pictures of themselves from 50 feet away.

During those six months, my Marital Status was either: Currently separated or Divorced; therefore, I felt like I could express my view of the differences between the two.

I wish I could comment on the third Marital Status of “widowed” as well; suffice it to say it did cross my mind during the divorce proceedings.

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