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President Donald Trump announced new sanctions against North Korea on Friday, Feb.

23, 2018, and called them “the strongest sanctions on Korea that we have ever put on a country.” The move puts pressure on North Korea’s shipping and trade.

But while sanctions grip the country in an attempt to incentivize halting nuclear weapons development, the sanctions have also impacted hunger in North Korea.

About 60,000 children are at risk of dying due to a lack of food, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund. 30, 2018, UNICEF launched a .5 million emergency relief for North Korea.

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Furthermore, in January, a soldier was shot as he defected from North Korea and attempted to run across the demilitarized zone.

An autopsy revealed his severe undernourishment, as well as the presence of many parasites in his stomach.

The sanctions, combined with drought, corruption and a decline in crop production, add to hunger in North Korea more than they prevent weapon development.Kim Jong-Un has leveraged the threat of nuclear weapons and military to attain the opportunity to sit down with the President of the United States.All the while, the North Korean people suffer starvation in exchange.According to a United Nations report, “More predictable funding is urgently required to ensure the immediate needs of the most vulnerable are addressed.” In November 2017, North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile.The heightened tensions that resulted instigated the United Nations to respond with new sanctions on the regime’s energy supplies.

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