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We know that online dating is changing relationships and marriage—since internet dating services came to be in the 1990s, more and more serious love connections have come out of them.Today, more than one-third of marriages are the product of online encounters.With so many people making connections like this these days, there’s a cross-pollination of social circles that didn’t exist previously, the researchers believe.The way couples meet changed significantly with the advent of online dating.“We would probably not marry our best friends, but we are likely to end up marrying a friend of a friend or someone we coincided with in the past,” Ortega and Hergovich wrote in their paper.For the past 100 years, the researchers wrote, this was the way things were done.Historically, most people met their partner like this.And because they were usually tangentially connected in some way—a relationship of proximity, in a sense—they were often similar, especially when it came to race.

Your dating network was the next step out from your inner circle.

The next time you’re absentmindedly swiping left and right, remember you could be part of a massive social shift.

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