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In a land with so much wilderness, Idahoans seem to be naturally inclined to explore the world around them, always willing to go on the next adventure.

It takes a lot for an Idahoan to turn something down, as most of the time they’re seemingly fearless and up for some of the craziest dates around.

In a recent analysis ranking each state’s likelihood of surviving an apocalypse, Idaho ranked fourth, largely due its residents high level of physical activity, gun ownership, and survival skills.

Idahoans are tough and they can handle any challenge that gets thrown their way.

They’re very family-oriented and they aren’t afraid to show that they care about the people close to them through their actions.

They’ll never run from a relationship problem, they’ll have to guts to stick around and fix it.

If you’re dating an Idahoan, you’ll never have to worry about having food on the table.

It’s hard to be negative when you’re dating an Idahoan.

People in their state are always having fun and know how to have a good time, consistently ranking very high when it comes to “daily enjoyment” among the rest of the country.

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