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We've figured out a new way to add rooms and areas, which should go a long way toward expanding the world of Con-Quest in some fun and interesting ways.If you'd like to access our very first dungeon, simply start a new file and see where the new intro takes you. We also give support here that will help you if you encounter any issues, and of course, have a lot of fun.Momo Iro Software is taking the best of eastern and western adult game development and combining them into one studio.I will try to pursue other careers for the meantime and maybe, just maybe, I could come back again and make games. updated=1550076208Support me on Patreon so I can make more!

Also, if you want more, please consider pledging a very small amount (and get the latest chapters quicker and other Patreon exclusives) at Official blog: Discord: Here you can e.g talk to the developers directly or download a backup to an episode or chapter so you will not have to replay the entire game again. My Archive of artwork can be found on MEGA! EKabeaez NLy2HQp0k Vp Kh A I also upload PSDs to Patreon if you're up for supporting me monthly. ty=h Lets all make this an weird adventure, shall we?A simple novice artist, learning to improve his art skills.Following the game's official release last year, I made a promise that I will make the game available for everyone after a year since its release.Now you can download it for free.https://io/ikimono-high-the-visual-novel-full-game I think my journey as Kolton Kennedy is ending.

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So, if you aren't selected one month, you may get the chance the following month! Any Species (furry/human), Gender or Bodytype accepted.

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