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Our glamorous singles live like celebrities in a...While you’re “working from home” during this Polar Vortex, get lost in this dating series that will take you back to the days when TV was truly great (we’re talking the “Date My Mom” and “Room Raiders” era.) Honestly, we all know the only way to improve on a corny and unrealistic television show about love is with Australian accents.There’s only one season with seven episodes—around 40 mins each—meaning you can finish it in, like, one day if you’re truly dedicated. The show introduces four couples looking to answer one question: “what if the love of your life was also the one that got away?It was def love at first sight, according to Jeremy, who eloquintly described their meet-cute as follows: “I remember I was thinking that Meg was hot. They originally broke up because Erik was a workaholic who, according to Lauren, only allowed her to see him one day a week.She’s hot—she looked really, just, hot.” The couple broke up when Jeremy moved to Europe, which Meg believes was caused by his desire to get as far away from her as possible, regardless of how hot she was. He claims he’s not working as much now and is willing to make time for her (as they all say.) Lauren seems to be standing up for herself more than she did in their last relationship, which is throwing Erik off.

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