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Sharma has created a swirling, fascinating travelogue and a stirring celebration of devotion. We emerge from his film more enlightened.” The film received universal acclaim upon its 2015 Hot Docs premiere.

Chances are on our averageness for enough-not being experienced and humanely being straight-from-the-oven.

The film examines parts of the ideology that governs today’s Islamic extremism and what it has in common with Saudi Arabia’s Wahabi Islam.

In the movie the filmmaker, an openly gay Muslim man tries to find his own place within an Islam he has always known, an Islam that he believes bears no resemblance to Wahabi Islam.

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About Me: [/simple fit natural lifestyle , sometimes goofy other times serious , or both simultaneously ] About Guys I Want To Meet: Into athletic toned masc fit men. I need to meet face to face for coffee, its the only way to know whether I want to take things further. I believe in cultivating experiences, in personal growth, and in developing meaningful relationships. Someone down to earth, who has a head on his shoulders. I want to share the most amazing love story with you.

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