List of intimidating dog names

Once you have used the name even for more than a few weeks, you will have a hard time changing it.When you choose to call your dog by another name, it will only result in confusion.

Freddy Krueger (from A Nightmare on Elm Street) Wes Craven picked this because it was the name of a boy who bullied him in school. They are extremely loyal with a highly spirited spunk that can steal everyone’s hearts.Thus, if you are still thinking of what to name your small dog, you will now unearth a treasure trove of the greatest small dog names.If you are not up to these big dog names for small dogs, there are lots of unique names that will fit your small dog to a perfect “T”.Here are some of the cutest names for the cutest dogs on the planet—Daisy, Kibbles, Pixie, Bonsai, Tiny, Midge, Elf, and Squirt.

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If you are still looking for more sources of inspiration, why not consider your dog’s gender.

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