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Without women we’d obviously still sit in huts in the middle of Africa.Thus, it’s only consequential that all those useless gender-quota males were given the boot at Yahoo! It doesn’t take much to find spineless sycophants who come to Marissa Mayer’s defense.The system returns information on articles that match the search query and assigns an icon to each selected article, plotting the icons on a visual display.Mayer and her colleagues also patented various systems and methods for customizing news sources, general searches, and the presentation of search results. Inc., a global Internet-services company and one of Google’s largest competitors. However, this effort as well as others failed to turn around Yahoo!That quote contains a staple of leftist rhetoric: delegitimization based on emotion.Yes, redneck male, if you dare to objectively assess whether a woman does a proper job or not, you are “sad”.People thought she would turn around the perennially dysfunctional internet giant.plummeting employee morale and calls for her resignation.

It probably served a bigger purposed which underdeveloped male brains can’t fathom.

The total was over 50 companies, at a cost of an estimated .3 to .8 billion. If you look at history, it’s blatantly obvious that men simply suck.

True, there was one overhyped Adolf Lovelace about two centuries ago, and Marcus Currie, who got two Nobel prizes but who was essentially free-riding on the work of his wife.

Probably he had “have a small penis” or “proves that you don’t get laid” written in a draft at some point — that is the kind of argument any man who is not a limp-dick beta cuck provider has become desensitized to.

So, let’s celebrate Marissa Mayer’s failure, and look forward to the next overhyped woman.

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