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Nestor Ellensberg – the “rheumy-eyed German business man who is one of Adam Mc Guire’s cohorts and investors.His mysterious employer obtained the funds for their criminal venture that Holmes later “frees” for the Crown. The douen is a demon who aids the lougarou to kill people and take their blood.

He and Holmes bonded over cigars and whiskey, and a mutual appreciation for each other’s knowledge.

His brother Sherlock – who stipulates that Mycroft makes sure he returns it.

What is the name of the Victorian steamship that Holmes and Douglas take to Trinidad?

Gerard and Ava Pennywhistle work in his tobacco shop – and appear to be the owners to its customers.

Georgiana Sutton – is Mycroft’s fiancé and a “quintessential English rose”, blond “wth cream-colored skin, pink cheeks, and sparkling blue eyes”.

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Abie is his name, and he is a Hanoverian – one of the warmbloods competitive equestrians love.

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