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The files and videos we had in this case were recently released to several media outlets, nonprofits, and individuals.The same law change permits us to release more information than we have ever been allowed to release in the past, so we decided to put together a video summary of the case, along with body worn camera footage from the officer for our community to view.It would be like saying that if a company had 10 workers, and employed 10 more, that the wages of the previous 10 would be lowered so that the pay is more equal, as if the income of these companies does not vary what so ever.What the young workers don’t receive goes straight back into the pockets of the bosses, and not into the pockets of their co-workers.Well, I happened to be in Philly for work last week and since we had just a shade of free time we decided to do the same little taste-test for lunch. I found out quickly that there is a particular way to order your philly: .

If I could have it my way, I'd grab a loaf from Geno's and bring it over to Pat's.

This Community Briefing video is about an officer involved shooting involving one of our officers at a local convenience store in September 2017.

There are several reasons why we decided to do a video now.

Too say that young people can’t stack shelves, operate cash registers or serve food as fast or as well as older workers just because of their age is a total lie.

It’s said in a manner which suggests that, what the young workers don’t receive for their labour, the older workers do. The raising of youth wages should not, and does not, lead to the lowering of wages for older workers, in the same way that raising the wages of women did not do the same thing.

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