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Jay Park said” the woman I was dating in South Korea for the first time was of true first love .

I came to like before, but after a few months since dating, I also began to Good , became many jealousy.

He is concerned about the future of his relationships with his daughters.

In the fourth season, Jack dealt with the death of his father (played by Martin Landau) from Alzheimer's Disease and started a new relationship with Anne (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), the widow of a fellow agent.

Although he later returned to his wife Maria, a lawyer, she left him at the end of the second season, moved to Chicago, and obtained full custody of their two daughters, Hannah and Kate (Vanessa Marano and Laura Marano).

Jack's long work hours and troubled family history was used against him during the custody battle, though in the end he decided it would be better for them if they stayed with their mother.

Jay Park said that he is quite busy at the moment in his career that he is not thinking about getting married.

He said he wants to make his career better and after that he will think about getting in to any relationship.

He said it would be a normal date like everyone do, there is nothing special.

In episode eight (Better Angels, 7x08), Jack and Sam headed to Los Angeles while working on a case, there, Jack and Sam rekindled their relationship.

Also in this episode reveals that Jack's daughter Hannah has been acting up and is going to come live with Jack in New York.

Jack is left to recover in the hospital when he finds out that one of the victims he felt attached to is being targeted by one of Romar's men. He finds her just in time before she is again abducted.

In the season finale, Jack is demoted for his handling of the human trafficking investigation.

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