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One year into the marriage and the allegations of his past affair with Heidi again made headlines.

However, Catherine came to the rescue of her husband and Heidi and shut down those allegations.

Jason Varitek is the veteran catcher, but at the 2009 trading deadline they traded for Victor Martinez who is now the Red Sox full time catcher.

The Red Sox still have Varitek but he will now just be the backup catcher.

However, this relationship was short-lived and the same year they separated.

Fans can write to him at: Jason Varitek, c/o Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park, 4 Yawkey Way, Boston MA 02215.

They were in the Caribbean and other wonderful holiday destinations. Due to her father’s job nature, they used to move from one place to another. Her parents divorced when she was still young and on their return from Vietnam. In high school, she was good at sports such as hurdles, diving, gymnastics, and also in cheerleading.

Heidi’s father remarried and she continued to stay with her mother. She received a National Merit Scholarship for further studies. In 2003, she earned a BA degree with honors from this University.

Heidi is not only talented but extremely beautiful. She has over 7.4k followers on her Facebook account, over 144k followers on her Twitter account and over 50.1k followers on her Instagram account.

Trevor Hauver, the top school baseball player had mentioned her name amongst the 3 women with whom he would like to have dinner with. Additionally, she keeps sharing her thoughts and pictures on her social media handle with her fans and followers.

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