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However, the term "highly advanced" has been distinguishable to "device" under the Utility Model Act from "Invention" under the Patent Act, and this term is disobliged in deciding whether the invention is statutory or not. It indicates the inventions which are uncompleted from the mere discoveries or mere invention of an idea.

Explicitly, means for solving the problems of the invention are presented, but it is an incomplete invention when the issue of the invention is remarkably doubtful in the view of the natural law.

Thus, the invention claimed to be “novelty-lost” means that the invention has been performed publicly prior to the time of filing of the patent application, or that it has been released by telecommunication lines established by the distribution, publication and presidential decree. Notification to the unspecified large number of people at home and abroad: According to the precedent, a factory that has an invention has been visited by an unspecified number, even if it does not ask about the invention or show it directly. Performed at home and abroad: According to the case, the invention of a new hybrid engine and the appearance of the car with this engine on the motor show is not a public announcement about the invention of the hybrid engine at home and abroad.

However, as it was mentioned above, since computer programs are a set of commands, they are intangible and they are only the promise between human and computer.

Under the Patent Act Article 2, "Invention means the highly advanced creation of a technical idea utilizing the laws of nature", the invention shall satisfy the provision in order for a filed patent application to be statutory under the Patent Act. Incomplete Invention: Only limited to mere discoveries but not creation.

Patent Act was implemented in Korea by Japan when Japan has invaded Korea after defeating China on August 29 in China/Russia – Japan War.

After Japan won in World War 2 and when Korea regained independence, the Patents Administrative Incorporation Committee was founded on January 4, 1946, after that, the ‘Patents Office’ was established on January 22.

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