How to write dating head lines

It has more than 1,100 shares—primarily because Want to use Click to Tweet on your blog? Closed-ended questions, meanwhile, are effective for inspiring curiosity (e.g. It can be tough to stoke a problem and offer a solution in one headline."What I learned" is another great headline strategy. If your headline over-promises and under-delivers (which clickbait does 100% of the time), readers will leave disappointed. Open-ended questions are great for encouraging discussion (e.g. However, when done well, this technique can offer a solid emotional one-two punch.

Most people enjoy movies, and will respond well to POF headlines with movie quotes.

Likewise, avoid straying onto topics outside of your scope. Holding yourself to this standard will ensure you write more effective headlines.

This study from Moz shows that readers like content that is either understated and features up to one superlative word or goes overboard with superlatives to show why the content is worth reading. If you want your content to go viral, your headline must be located at one of those two extremes; otherwise it won't catch anyone's attention.

Insights derived from research are considered more accurate, relevant, and attractive. Leave out just enough detail to get readers interested (without falling into the clickbait trap).

Have a look at this post from on "10 Productivity Strategies Backed By Science". For example, something like, "This New Car Door Design Is Changing The Game", might get an audience interested in knowing exactly how that hypothetical car door design works.

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