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Install our acclaimed mobile apps and take your Gruveo calls on the go. We've implemented enterprise-level features into Gruveo so that when you need a particular tool for your call, it's just one click away.So what should you look for in a group video calling service or app?The question may vary from business to business, but there are definitely some features that you shouldn't go without.Similar to Google Hangouts, Facetime lets you search through your phone's contacts to find someone to call.

It's as easy to use as selecting a contact from the "Viber Only" section of your contact list and then using the video button to start the call.For the purposes of this blog, we'll focus on platforms that offer at least video 4-way video, rather than those that focus on 1-on-1 video chats.To help break it down, we grouped the following seven features into "must haves" and "extras" that can supplement your experience.Besides, users who don't know much about voice-over-IP calling tend to subconsciously interchange the terms Google Hangouts is great for many reasons, one being that many people can use it right away because they already have a Gmail account.Your connected Google account facilitates login and accesses the contacts you already have stored in Gmail.

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Most services that offer both free and paid plans will typically limit some aspect of the video calls for the free version.

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