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Now imagine a scenario where someone is changing prices on several items.For some reason, the person is drawn away from the database (the phone rang, a meeting occurred, it was lunch time, etc.) while s/he is in the middle of editing a record. Lets stay with this scenario and imagine that another user is on a sales call and one of the requested items is the one the other user left while changing the price.The disadvantage is that you will need to create a process for retrieving the item quantities from the last transaction record. QUANTITY table A third option is to have a QUANTITY table for the quantity fields.The table is a one-to-one relationship with the ITEM table.And then an action occurs - someone sells Red Widgets!This action requires a modification in our quantities.When that happens there needs to be a running count of inventory.

The movement itself is tracked in a Transaction table.

Packing No changes Shipping On Hand - Allocated - Transferring Transferring items can affect different quantity fields, depending on the type of transfer.

For more information, see the article in Transferring Inventory.

Record locking is a database functionality that aims to prevent multiple users simultaneously editing the same record.

Without record locking, databases run the risk of storing unintended results.

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This is sometimes called a Skinny, Narrow, or Thin table.

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