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Whatever answers you give when you return the questionnaire(s) to us will make a chatbot more knowledgeable about its user.

Your chatbot can therefore start its “life” knowing quite a lot about its user, and what it knows will often be worked into its conversations.

Our chatbots are being developed by a team which has twice won the prestigious Loebner Prize contest for human-computer conversation. Forget about implementing your own NLU, Dialogue Manager and Channels. Focus on what’s really exciting: building world-class conversational experiences between humans and computers.Get Started now Documentation Leverage technology from the very latest research and discoveries in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.They will be programmed with information acquired from a “personalizing questionnaire” which you will receive shortly before we are ready to deliver your chatbot(s).The questionnaire will ask about the user’s likes and dislikes, their interests, and various other aspects of their lives.

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The bot builder does not have to build a best practice architecture from scratch, we has already done that for them.

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