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It is impressive that both children of this average couple suddenly became known all over the United States.

Chace's younger sister became a model and later devoted herself to journalism, having won the title of Miss Missouri USA.

Chace himself also worked in the modeling business, while still at school, and earned good money from it, so the boy did not have to ask his parents for pocket money.

According to 1486 visitors Chace Crawford is 46% gay.

Because of his part of handsome millionaire Nathaniel "Nate" Archibald, Chace became the idol of millions of teenagers and young girls and won several prestigious awards.

From this moment, people almost stopped confusing him with his male colleagues, Zac Efron and Ian Somerhalder (by the way, the resemblance between Ian Somerhalder and Chace is striking).

According to the actor himself, he still shudders remembering how his mother forced him to wear cropped jeans when he was a child.

Today, Chace absolutely loves to dress in style, including expensive smart suits, but he is also fond of brutal biker looks.

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