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"It's insane," said Ben Kerson, a 10-year-old Ardsley fifth grader. Once they get into the middle school, they feel they have an obligation to be grown up.

The British-born Miller, 43, took time out from his hectic shooting schedule to talk to The Post about “Elementary,” why Sherlock and Watson will (likely) never hook up, his love for New York City and his late grandfather — actor Bernard Lee (“The Third Man”), who played intelligence chief “M” in the first 11 “James Bond” movies (from 1962 to 1979).They sent a note home last week informing parents of the types of interactions that will earn their kids a Friday detention: and the list is ridiculous.reports that Holiday Heights Elementary Principal Michael Wamsley sent home a letter warning parents about “distractions resulting from the students allowing themselves to get caught up in romantic issues and the drama that follows.” He also included a list of things that will get a kid in trouble: Someone needs a hobby.Many are worried that children who are uncomfortable with such activities will feel unpopular or left out.A few weeks ago, 20 Ardsley parents met with the guidance counselor in part to address the issue."It heightens the pressure to do something on children who are entering adolesence," said Alison Bergman, a mother of three, who has a fifth-grade daughter. Girls may not want to date, but they wonder and worry why the boys didn't ask them."Sherri Luckow, an Ardsley parent of three, who also has a fifth-grade daughter, said: "These kids don't know what dating is.

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THE flirtatious glances and giggling whispers that punctuate lunchroom chatter at the Ardsley Middle School would be unremarkable for seventh- and eighth-grade students practicing dating skills.

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