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At any rate, take 14 was now the finished product up to this point.With tape copying and mixing being performed on other songs on this day, the session finally wound down at am the next morning.“Occasionally we’d have an idea for some new kind of instrumentation, particularly for solos,” relates Paul.In their 1966 classic “For No One,” instead of the third party comforting his friend with the words “” remaining.The overall results were such that author John Robertson, in his book “The Complete Guide To The Music Of The Beatles,” accurately referred to the song as “another remarkable Mc Cartney ballad, melodically sophisticated and lyrically mature.” There can hardly be found a reviewer to disagree.“George asked me, ‘Now, what do you want him to play?

It was a very strange instrument to record, and Paul played it.” Mark Lewisohn, in his book “The Beatles Recording Sessions,” insists that the clavichord was “hired at a cost of five guineas from George Martin’s AIR Company.” In any event, George Martin was responsible for getting it in the studio on that day.

Steve Turner’s book “A Hard Day’s Write” relates: “In an early interview, Paul said that it was all about his own experience of living with a woman when he was fresh from leaving home.

Later he was less specific, saying that he was thinking only of the character of a typical working girl.” One may speculate that his three-year relationship with Dot Rhone was the experience used as inspiration for “For No One,” but speculation is probably all that it will ever be.

At 11 pm, the two Beatles called a halt to the session which left the song as an instrumental, deciding to record the vocals on another day.

A week later, on May 16th, 1966, the time apparently was right to record Paul’s vocal track.

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