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for about 10 years or more and have managed to maintain their ties back home.ft townhouse in Alexandria, and unnecessarily shops at Whole Foods as more of a status symbol than for the organic veggies.

Make her laugh or give her the much-needed compliment right away because she doesn’t get that much. Depending on what she is looking for (because it is up to her and her only), you might make the roster.Or the one that dates way below “her level” on the low to keep the other side of the bed warm sometimes. This is one of those DMV lawyers, a CEO of some non-profit or startup, or director of some agency with a lot of letters and numbers in her title.She is gorgeous, yet alone, as her ambitions don’t allow much time for dating. I’m talking 80-hour work weeks or multiple board of director meetings.) Second, there is no time for much spontaneity or romance with this one. What does all that have to do with the Displaced Southerner?You literally “get in where you fit in” with this one. Despite her southern roots, she moved to the DMV (aka the “Dingy South”) for her career or grad school and forgot all of pleasures and perks of her upbringing.

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