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“I felt like I was always asking him if we could take things slower, which led to frustration on both our parts.” Unless you’re both clear on what you’re looking for, both emotionally and physically, you could end up heartbroken (or running for the hills! After your lover returns to his home country, it might seem romantic to keep the relationship going trans-nationally.

“He moved a lot faster than the American guys I’d been with ever did,” she says.For Krystal, she found that her cutie “never wanted to go to my favorite bars with all my friends.He said he couldn’t stand all the American pop music they played there.” You may be open to your international guy’s culture, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be open to embracing yours.“I started seeing a guy in my lit class who was studying here from Germany after I broke up with my sophomore-year boyfriend,” says Brittany, a student at Worcester State University.“It was really exactly what I needed; we both knew he’d be returning home after the end of the semester, and so we just had fun without any expectations of our relationships going anywhere.” If you’re looking for a fun, casual fling, international students can be your best bet––you go into the relationship knowing they have to leave eventually, and if things end on bad terms, you’ll never have to awkwardly run into them on campus again!

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