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The greatest strength of wooden components is found parallel to the same direction as the original stem (imagine the stress of a tree blown by high winds).That is why the long direction of boards runs in the same direction as in the tree.The history and decline of civilizations can be traced by their use and sometimes overuse of wood resources.This guideline will describe some of the ways that wood is processed into familiar forms, such as joined furniture.

You will see that there is much in common through time and across cultures.However, this can be a weak structure, and bulky because the members overlap.Any joint will be only as strong as the weakest component, and rope or leather can not match the strength and durability of wood.In fact, the joinery of wood can be reduced to a fundamental set of principles in evidence the world over.By understanding the basics of joinery, we can also understand and predict the utility and ultimate degradation of some furniture.

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Probably the next development in joinery was the dovetail joint, which is often seen in box or drawer construction.

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