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Personally, I was not allowed to go anywhere by myself with a boy until I was 15.

Before that a group of us would sometimes meet up at the skating rink or the movie theater. Besides, if they are only 12 or 13 where could they go that parents weren't taking them anyway. Start by allowing her to talk on the phone a couple of times a week to a boy (with a time limit for the length she can talk as well as her cut off time at night).

Good Luck Dianne, My experience with this is as a teen myself and watching what my parents did.

She had a baby at age 12 and now holds the state record for the youngest mother to ever go through a crisis pregnancy center.

Letting her go doen not PROVE you raised her right.

Perhaps you might want to consider 16 as an appropiate age. My daughter is 16 and finds that being a good student is where she prefers to put her energy.

At present she is a nominee for the Governor's Honors Program in Physics.

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