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A while ago, we might have come to believe someone was ‘the one’ because we spent enough time with them to really get to know them - and then might ask them out.

Now, we might risk feeling that ‘the one’ is out there, but only if we trawl for long enough.

Dating can be a great way of meeting and getting to know a potential partner.

Once seen as more of an American cultural tradition, dating is now just as popular on this side of the Atlantic, due in no small part to the rise of online dating, which has made it possible to meet more new people than ever - and more easily too.

Going on a date can sometimes feel like a fairly formal interaction: you meet up, you spend time together and, hopefully, you figure out whether you want to meet up again.

Dating can sometimes feel like a means to an end: figuring out if you could work as a couple.

Online dating can give us a sense of control over the dating experience that we don’t always actually have.

This leads us on to the other big pitfall of online dating: being too prescriptive.

We include the information that we’d like people to know about and leave out the information we don’t.Many of us enter the world of dating with some idea of the kind of person we’d like to meet.Being able to scroll through hundreds upon hundreds of profiles online can reinforce the sense that we may, if we look hard enough, meet that exact person.Many of us have been through the experience of meeting up with someone to find out that they aren’t what we thought they would be like at all. The temptation can be to reject this unexpected person out of hand and go back to our search.But this may not be a fair response - someone being different doesn’t mean they’re not interesting or appealing in other ways - but it’s also not a surprising one.

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Counter-intuitively, this can then make it easier to get to this point anyway - as both of you may then be able to relax a little and begin to properly connect as people.

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