Dating men with uncut penis

Had I tried that, I would have looked like an idiot and would have hurt him too.

Stop worrying that it’ll look different once you go down there. The uncut foreskin is just a little bit of skin that covers a man’s manhood.

Most parents cut the foreskin of male babies only because they assume the kids will grow up looking different down there.

Trust the way we’ve been built Evolution created us this way for a reason, trust it.

I wanted to take this guy to bed, and I really shouldn’t let a little thing like a penis full of skin come in the way of prospective happiness.

Well, until I fell in love with an Indian guy who worked in my office.

Jews and Muslims get circumcised for religious reasons.

But guess what, more than two thirds of the men in the world are still uncut.

There’s a lot of apprehension when it comes to an uncircumcised man.

If peeping down his shorts can scare you, the mere thought of having sex with an uncircumcised man can make your insides dry up.

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