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Each employee who agreed to join was granted ETA Systems Inc. After the announcement, the team quickly moved to a new facility in St.Paul Energy Park located approximately 10 miles to the south of ADL.A brief history of the hardware technology developed for the ETA Systems ETA-10 supercomputer CPU and the major features of the resulting technology, many of which are applied to today’s systems.

The technology and logic teams then directed their focus to the next generation machine, internally designated the Cyber-2XX as I recall.

The executives surmised these small false—and functionally useless—security looking boxes having both a blinking light and antenna could be placed in the window of their vacant and remote cabins, and would potentially be a deterrent to would–be thieves. Lloyd, the ETA Systems president, directed that while the facility was being organized upwards of 50 or so of these devices would be fabricated. In record time the Energy Park facility became operational and those responsible for development of hardware and software were busy at work.

The executive contingent also began pursuing future funding.

Reception to funding initially was cautionary considering that the company hardware was focused on cryogenically cooled integrated circuitry.

A major concern by potential investors was the technology and only after a total technology failure by a start up company formed by the legendary Gene Amdahl— Trilogy—did ETA Systems get serious investment attention.

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Neil Lincoln quietly set up the first “headquarters” in an apartment adjacent to his and began planning the formation of ETA Systems, adding confidants to his organization as needed.

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