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If a poll was formally triggered on Wednesday it could potentially be held as early as October 10, although the following week could be more likely.As tension mounts on a critical day for the country, Mr Johnson has been holding a crisis meeting with his Cabinet and privately urging Tory MPs to fall back into line.Rescue efforts involving multiple agencies and personal watercraft were still underway as of 8am PST as Eliason reported that the boat, called Conception, had 'burned down to the water line'.EXCLUSIVE: John Mc Donnell's neighbours today told Mail Online he doesn't know 'what he is talking about' after he said many homes on his street were overcrowded and badly maintained.

The shadow chancellor, who lives in Hillingdon, west London, wants to reverse Mrs Thatcher's landmark policy, whereby council tenants were able to buy their home from the state saying the results had been 'horrendous'. a third of the houses are right-to-buy, badly maintained, overcrowded.

He has also threatened to remove the whip from rebel Tories who join the effort to stop the UK crashing out on October 31 - effectively ending their careers.

But the government still looks on track to lose the crunch battle - and by declaring it a matter of confidence Mr Johnson has paved the way for an election to happen before the Halloween deadline.

Mandeep Phillol (inset) rents on the road opposite Mr Mc Donnell, where she has lived for three years with her two children.

She said: 'I rent and my property is well maintained.

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