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Japan may be a small island nation, but each of its areas boasts a unique culture and even the climate can differ quite vastly from one region to another.Generally, however, people tend to divide Japan into two major cultural areas: Kantō in the East and Kansai in the West.Of course, there are a lot of “aunties from Osaka” who prefer a simpler style..on the streets of Osaka, you’ll spot a suspicious amount of leopard print as well!

It’s said that this can be traced back to the Osaka World Expo in 1970, people in the area were encouraged to stand on the right side instead and the rule stuck.That’s why there’s also a certain restraint when it comes to the relationship with one’s neighbors.Everyone brings their culture and customs from their hometown, so people are careful not to venture into the unknown, basically.Osaka, known as a major gourmet hot spot and often called the “kitchen of Japan,” is also part of Kansai.Of course, such a cultural divide brings its very own subtle and not-so-subtle differences in everyday life, from etiquette to language.

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